He is a great chef

Joss is not worthy of a great Chef, he is a great Chef.
A great chef of taste first of all. A creative and upscale cuisine, quality products, mixes of bold flavors (gambas with caramel spices, fine pies of scallops & hazelnut coriander vinaigrette, pan-fried foie gras, filet mignon of veal saltimbocca & juice with pinot, fillet of bar à l'unilatéral & vinaigrette citrus and ginger, tajine of vegetables ...), remarkable food-wine pairings around a format "dinner workshops" perfectly rhythmic. Joss dust off the traditional codes of wedding catering with talent! He even declined a concept videos "Do it yourself" for those who want to cook themselves, and simply their big events (www.cuisine-et-audace.com). Joss is also an exceptional conductor, who has sublimated our marriage thanks to his always very accurate advice and an impeccable organization, surrounded by his wife Karine, smiling and always very attentive, his charming butler Dirk for whom the unexpected always has a solution, and all his team of professionals in cooking and service. A team of enthusiasts, experiences, reassuring, irreproachable. Catering Events is the first and only caterer we had "tested" for our wedding. Received in this magnificent castle of Lerse in Charente, that Joss and his wife manage all the year, and which we fell immediately under the spell, we were immediately put in confidence. Our guests, all generations, repeat that they have never seen better caterer at a wedding. Joss and his team were, most certainly, the architects of the success of our marriage. We recommend them with their eyes closed. Thanks again, to the madness.

Clara & Cyril (The Lobsters)

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