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To create the best day ever for you whether it’s for your wedding, birthday or other special event. To ensure that we deliver a unique service at any event and at any location. Having previously worked at some taxing venues, we are well qualified to offer you a first class catering experience with an eye for detail and original dishes.

Exactly like in our dreams!

Thanks to Joss, Karine and all their team, our wedding was more than successful!
Exactly like in our dreams!
Not only was everything delicious, their entire team was wonderful.
Joss was perfectly able to listen to us, advise us and guide us, always respecting our desires and our decisions.
The result was perfect!

We got nothing but compliments from our guests, it's heartwarming.
The wine of honor was chic and exquisite, the meal absolutely delicious and the brunch exceptionally elegant and truly excellent!
Choosing the right caterer was the most important part of the wedding for us. And we really made the right choice.
And then Joss was also kind of our wedding planer, giving us his expert advice, advising us on other providers and giving us directions for the arrangement of the reception and dinner.

In short, in a nutshell, don't hesitate!
You can trust Joss, Karine and their wonderful team with your eyes closed!
Thank you again for all !

See you soon :)

Kevin & Juliette

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