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Quality is the best receipe ; )

About us

After having opened several reputed restaurants across France and working alongside well known chefs; we more recently have assisted a number of local chateaux and manor houses by helping them develop them as special wedding venues. This has now evolved into us organising our own receptions, weddings and events in co-operation with these local venues.
Currently we are located at the beautiful Château de Lerse in the Charente, near the Dordogne border, south west France, where we work with our trusted professional partners with whom we have worked for a number of years.

We work with French and International clients, speaking both French and English, which gives us the opportunity to push the boundaries when it comes to the cross-fertilisation of French and International cuisines.
With our cooking skills, organisational experience and love for travel we have now added ‘cuisine consultant’ to our list of activities.

about us

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