Examples of menus

  • Atelier Menu

    Fish Workshop

    Gravlax Salmon, Passionfruit Marinade Prawns with Spiced Caramel, Star Anise Fine Tart of Scallops, Hazelnut Vinaigrette, Coriander and Ginger

    Asian Workshop

    Beef and Chicken Yakitori Skewers Red Tuna on the Plancha, Raspberry Caramel Japanese Vegetable Mizzo Bread, Wasabi Mayonnaise Coconut-Ginger Broth

    Foie Gras Workshop

    Spiced Terrine
    Pan-Seared Foie Gras
    Foie Gras Crème Brûlée

    Vegetable Workshop

    Fine Tomato and Curry Tart My Style Fine Onion Tart Tapenade and its Breads Vegetable Achards

    Hot Dishes

    Low-Temperature Veal Fillet, Sage and Bacon Powder, Mini Glazed Vegetables
    Beef Fillet Just Seared, Reduced Balsamic Vinegar Sauce, Green Asparagus and Asian-Marinated Broccolini
    Lamb Fillet Marinated in Lime, Curry Leaves, Reduced Sauce and Glazed Turnip Candies


    Shared Dessert Slates Or Pavlova Concept

  • Sharing meal

    A very trendy concept where we share different starters and hot dishes at the table, and why not all at the same time.

    Sharing Starters

    Sea bass carpaccio, citrus dressing
    Asian-style vegetable salad
    Homemade-style Buffala tomatoes, spiced caramel, and dried tomato chips
    Grilled Gravlax on its skin

    Sharing Hot Dishes

    Caramelized and spiced duck breast on skin
    Wild sea bass in salt crust, virgin tomato vinaigrette
    Roasted poultry supreme, reduced garlic sauce


    Glazed carrots with peanuts
    Asian-style marinated vegetables
    Chickpea, artichoke, and bean bowls in curry
    Couscous-style semolina tart, spiced broth


    Pavlovas to share
    Variations of large crème brûlées

  • Wood concept

    The concept of grand nature BBQ with reworked rustic dishes for a convivial atmosphere.

    Reworked Rustic Salads

    My version of Chicken Caesar
    Tex-Mex salad
    My roasted potato salad, garlic and shallot chips
    Beetroot in sesame crust

    Dishes Cooked in Front of You

    Large grilled prawns and their soy marinade
    Cajun chicken, herb vinaigrette
    Ribs with our spice marinades and BBQ sauce
    Chicken in salt crust, curry mayonnaise
    Caramelized bone-in ham with Madeira sauce


    Grilled and marinated corn
    Crushed potato chips
    Charred leeks
    Glazed carrot tart

    Old-Fashioned Desserts

    Rustic apple tart with Calvados
    Rosemary burnt apricots
    Chocolate brownies

  • Classic Menu

    Sit-down Meal with Table Service


    Caramelized salmon on its skin, Dashi broth with ginger, lemongrass, and tomato
    - Or -
    Fine tart of scallops on Jerusalem artichoke puree, hazelnut, coriander and ginger vinaigrette
    - Or -
    Quail blinis and confit leg, reduced garlic juice, green asparagus deglazed with balsamic vinegar

    Main Course

    Duck breast with spices, glazed turnip candies
    - Or -
    Low-temperature cooked veal fillet Saltimbocca style, reduced sage and tomato sauce, mashed potatoes my way
    - Or -
    Lamb tenderloin marinated in curry and lime, caramelized with garlic, glazed small vegetables


    Variation of chocolate and crispy peanut
    - Or -
    Individual Pavlovas, chocolate, lime, and ginger

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