Very nice experience

We got married in 2020, a complicated period because of the Covid, the changing regulations, the new restrictions, the difficulties in getting together...
The "Château de Lerse", represented by Joss and Karine, was able to support us and support us throughout long preparation and choices to be made, even if it was not easy.
Preparation is intense when you want to put some effort into it. Joss and Karine are professional and caring!
Thank you to them for having accompanied us to live this day as well as possible. This place is the most beautiful that we have seen in the region, a spacious outdoor shelter in case of rain, a room for a warm dinner, a magnificent garden, a lake...
The weather being uncertain, the cocktail happened under the shelter, it was good but we would have liked to enjoy the valley!
The caterer is managed by the place and the kitchen of Joss who knows the logistics perfectly and the material was very well organized. Nothing to say !
The cocktail and dinner were unrivaled, a treat, original, generous but rather light and healthy and we are gourmets!
Very nice experience at Château de Lerse, we will return there to savor the atmosphere of this wonderful weekend.

Tiphaine and Pierre-Louis

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