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Wonderful experience

Perfect, faultless, magnificent surroundings, friendly and welcoming staff, excellent, refined cuisine, subtle flavors, a lot of work and research, in short we lack the superlatives to describe the wonderful experience we had for our wedding.

You will probably think that only someone in the "cusp" can write such a rave review, think again, we did not know our hosts or the chef in Joss before deciding to organize our wedding at Lerse Castle.

We even had a priori before deciding after the first contact by phone, when our interlocutor told us that the castle had its own caterer.
In our head “se was; Hmm !!, we are going to send us a mixed salad, a barbecue steak, a mounted piece and basta, all for an exorbitant price, under cover of the beauty of the setting! "
Curiosity winning the day, we went to meet them.
Then we got to know Joss; the simplicity, the kindness of Joss and his wife Karine.
Listening to Joss talk about cooking, his passion, with verve and professionalism seduced us. We felt a real desire to please their parts.
Make no mistake, you are not in front of a "caterer" (in the pejorative sense of the term) but in front of a real Chef playing in the big league!

A big thank you Karine and Joss, without forgetting the people who work with you, for the pleasure you have given us on this day; day which will remain a fantastic memory for our family and our friends who shared this moment in such a magnificent setting!

Patricia & Laurent
Photo couple

Photo KJ PL